Baccarat Crystal 26 piece suite in forerunner to Artois pattern 1920



A suite of glasses from Baccarat Crystal. This comprises 10 champagne Coupes; 8 Red Wine and 8 White Wine.  The bowl pattern is identifiable as the Artois design but this was not introduced until 1952.  These pieces are pre-signing (1936) and are somewhat older, possibly Belle Epoque but most likely 1920s. What seems likely is that this was the original pattern and Baccarat repurposed the design in 1952 with a much-changed stem.  The “Stacked Mitre” pattern is very similar to the famous Juvisy which was introduced in 1890.  What we have as a result is a beautiful and elegant suite and the Champagnes in particular are outstanding with both a wide and deep bowl.  The Red Wines stand 14.5cm x 7.5cm; the Whites 14 x 7 and the Coupes 11.5 x 10.5.  Despite the considerable age the glasses are in virtually unused condition.

Ch704  11.5 x 10.5  £1400

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