Baccarat Zenith Candlesticks pair 8” c 1910




A pair of Baccarat Crystal Zenith Candlesticks.  Zenith is the pattern and style that Baccarat used extensively in chandeliers from the 19th Century onwards.   It is also used, less often, in Baccarat candlesticks and today new Zeniths virtually identical to these but with lustres are available at £3,500 per pair.  The pair shown here date, we think, back to the Belle Epoque and are almost never seen in this form, without lustres. Very beautiful to look at and unsurprisingly, they catch the light in a spectacular way. Both are in outstanding condition above the base; one has (long ago) had a chip in the base rounded out, as can be seen in the photos – and priced accordingly. Stamped Baccarat within the interior.

B579 20 x 11  £365 

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